It would be our pleasure to introduce ourselves to your Excellency , West Side Oil Services Free Zone -Alex "WESOCO" is an Egyptian company based in cairo , Egypt and Alexander store free zone . we have been working in the field oil service and technical from nearly 15 years .. moreover , we cooperated with an foreign companies in middle east.
  WESOCO is committed to offer the highest quality products and services to the client at acompetitive price and on time .
our commitment extends to to the highest ethical standars and recognizing the necessity for discretion and reticence at all times.
   Business partnership:
  WESOCO ensures a long term commitment with its customers through maintaining a business relationship based on partnership . As partners, "WESOCO" and the customer will work in harmony. thus clarity and delivery during the whole implementation will be insured and this consequently will lead to customer satisfaction.
   1-Supply and support related equipment.
   3-Marketing Service.
   Line of Business:
   Oil Field Services and Spare Parts of Oil:
       - Flanges , Pipeline , Valves , Gasket , Stud bolt ... etc.
       - Welding Materials , Safety Equipments , Grinding Items.
       - ST. ST Fitting.
       ( Origin from Europe - U.S.A - Canada )
     sir, we are pleasure to send this Introduction letter to start agood business soon and we would be agreat pleasure to start regular cooperation between us.
   We wish to register our company "West Side Oil Services" free zone -Alex in the supplier registration in your respect company.
The hide center of our company :free zone - Alex
Management center : 7 Street 287 El-Gazaier SQ. - New Maddi, Cairo.
Thanks&Best Regarde
(THE NUMBER OF the Egyptian Government Petroleum(EGPC) NO.:369)
      (THE Number of Registration in the Holding Company (EGAS) no.:1469)

   General Manager
Adel M. Mahfouz

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